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Chicago- The Initiation

Hi Guys!

I recently had my first work trip out to Chicago! Of course I did have some work things to do, but we did have a decent amount of time to explore and do some touristy things.

Day 1

This trip I got to go out there with one of my teammates which was fun. We did some of things we felt you HAVE to do when you are in Chi Town. 

Obviously the first thing we did after getting checked into our hotel was go find pizza! We went to Lou Malanati's and got these cute personal pizzas. 
I'm partial to pizza from my area of the country (NY, NJ).  But for me you can't ever go wrong with extra carbs and cheese!

After pizza we went to Cloud Gate, aka The Bean! I loved how the whole park was Chicago's version of Rockefeller Center.  There was an ice skating rink, and a big pine tree decorated with lights!

Our last stop for the day was the top of the John Hancock building.  The Sky Lounge on the 96th floor to be exact!  Up here the views were incredible. We drank our martini's…
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Date Weekend- New York City Edition

It's no secret in our household that NYC is our favorite place to be. Scott was raised there, and ever since I was young I have always loved it there.  Honestly it's where we talk about retiring to!  Strange right?

So a few Friday's ago we got to drop the little man of the house off at grandma's, and we had a night out.  He saw Disney on ice, and we had a delicious dinner in Brooklyn!

We decided to try out a restaurant called The Buttermilk Channel, and man it did NOT disappoint! Let's first start with the drink I had called the Lucha Vavoom, which was mezcal, tequila, honey, and lemon. Have you ever had an expensive drink that makes big promises and is basically a watered down alcoholic drink? Yeah... this was NOT that.  Off to a great start with that!

We started our meal with a bacon appetizer.  House cured bacon with whiskey poached figs, and black garlic to be exact! It was between this and the cornbread...but we are bacon people. 

Moving on to main course.  TH…

Fall is Failing Me!

Happy winter... I mean Fall!

Wouldn't believe it with how cold it's suddenly been.  The fall is definitely my favorite time of the year, and I feel like we are skipping right over all my cute fall jackets! :(

Regardless of what the weather is doing, I am still fully celebrating fall. I figured I would dedicate this post to all things fall. Fall decor, fall activities, fall clothing, fall makeup and fall cuteness! 

Side note, how many times do you think I can say the word fall in this post?

Let's start with the most beautiful fall wedding I attended in the middle of the month.  A friend from high school finally tied the knot in the loveliest way.  Everything about the wedding was genuine, full of love, and just beautiful.  The flowers and colors were the star in my opinion though.  They really embraced the fall and it was simply my favorite! 

And while are on the wedding, let's discuss makeup! Specifically the makeup I did for the wedding .  I wanted to do a smokey eye with …

Operation Brunch- Theme: FALL!

Good Morning!

Fall is in the air, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I know that many people would agree that fall is one of the best times during the year.  The crisp air, and the changing colors just really make me happiest.

This year is the first year I have a place of my own to decorate, so I am extra excited.  I had pumpkins in our house the first day it was even a little bit chilly!

So since I now have a house to host things in, its becoming my favorite season, AND I've been able to decorate for fall, I felt it was appropriate to host a fall themed brunch with my 3 oldest and closest friends!

With us all living in different directions and having separate lives it's been a WHILE since the four of us got together.  I'm so happy they all made it out here this weekend.  It was a lovely day of laughing, drinking mimosas and casually annoying Scott while he tried to watch football.  I'm also glad that I now have the opportunity to host casual events with my friends. …

On to the Next! -- I got a promotion!

Good morning.

Happy Fridayyyy!

Today is the most bittersweet day for my career. It is my last day working with the team I've been with since day one at my current company (though this is the first company I started working for once out of college). Now I'm not leaving the company I work for, but I recently got promoted to a different department. This means I move up a floor, and will really only see my current coworkers in passing!

I am EXTREMELY excited to start this new chapter in my life.  This is a position I have been wanting, and felt was the right next move for my career.  But I think it's difficult to let go of things you are comfortable with, and it's especially hard when you love all your coworkers!

It's not just my team I will miss either! My current boss is really the reason I have gained the momentum I have in the working world. He has always been dedicated to my growth, and has been someone to help guide me through life.  I could easily thank him for …

Monday Make Up Haul

Happy Monday!

Over the last few weeks I have acquired yet another unnecessary amount of makeup/ beauty products. See I've developed quite a bit of a makeup addiction in the last year.  I would like to say all of my recent purchases were my way of "catching up" and obtaining all the "necessary" products to create a full make up look... but I would be lying.

I have gotten carried away! And personally I don't mind.  I love it! It's just that my bank account doesn't always agree with me. Such a downer ya know?!

Anyway. the products below are my current daily necessity products :) 

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eye Master Brush Collection $62 $42
Maybe I'm just a loyal fan to Jaclyn Hill, but this collection has become my holy grail.  The blending brushes are amazing.  I like to think I'm pretty great at blending to begin with but I think this is a great starting place if you're not!  There is also this little tiny brush that is the most PERFECT size a…

A Condo Closet Paradise

Recently we were woken up by what seemed like life just throwing annoying house issues at us. The closet "system", which was really just a long pole stuck into the two ends of the room came crashing down one morning!  I had been saying this was going to happen for days, but it finally happened.  All of our clothes, boxes, and random junk we kept in the closet now sprawled all over the floor. WHAT A WAY TO WAKE I right?!

 See, with me recently moving in with Scott (my boyfriend of 4 years 😋), came a lot more stuff that the closet wasn't equipped to handle apparently! I was "slowly" moving bags of clothes and hanging them up without Scott knowing. (I did it when he wasn't home... shhh....).  But because the closet was being used by a man who has far less clothes, and really only likes maybe 4 t-shirts it became very noticeable it was an issue. But we just continued living hoping for the best.  
Now to be completely honest, this closet needed a remode…